Striped Umbrella


In this assignment, you will continue to sharpen your skills by practicing with the ?Striped Umbrella? exercises in your
Dreamweaver Creative Cloud Revealed textbook. Complete the ?Striped Umbrella? exercises in Chapter 2 (?Developing a
Webpage?), Lesson 1 (pp. 2-6?2-11), Lesson 2 (pp. 2-14?2-19), Lesson 3 (pp. 2-22?2-25), Lesson 4 (pp. 2-28?2-31), and
Lesson 5 (pp. 2-34?2-35). When you have completed the exercise in Lesson 5, do not close your browser window as instructed in number three on page 2-35. Take a snapshot of the ?Striped Umbrella? webpage from the browser. The snapshot should be similar to the one shown in Figure 44, page 2-35. Save the snapshot as an image file (.jpg, .gif, .png). When you are finished, close the browser window.
Paste the image file in an MS Word document and submit for grading.
TEXTBOOK:Bishop, S. (2015). Adobe Dreamweaver creative cloud revealed. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.
Campbell, J. T. (2015). Web design: Introductory (5th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

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