subject study skills

subject study skillsProject description
Learning Outcomes1. Understand how to develop a logical approach to analysis.
2.Recognise and filter essential arguments, describe them in a concise and accurate manner.
3.Practice the skill of critically evaluating a source.
Title and TaskFor this task you will carry out a Critical Analysis of a book chapter you will use as part of your research for Assignment 2. This assignment is therefore closely related to completion of Assignment 2.
Title: Write a critical summary analysis of the arguments in the chapter The role of economics provided by your lecturer (see uploaded document).
(Small is Beautiful E F Schumacher 1973 Chapter 3, The role of economics)
GuidelinesYou will be provided with a copy of the chapter. You can refer to other sources of information as appropriate.
Provide a detailed evaluation of the chapter using the following guidelines:
Is the source reliable?
Is the source up-to-date, and is this important?
Does the purpose or intended audience of the chapter have any impact on how the information is presented?
What are the main points the writer is making and are there any logical assumptions behind his position.
Is one perspective on the issue presented or are a number of perspectives presented? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the source in this respect?
How useful do you think the source will be for completion of your second assignment? What more information do you think you will need? What additional book-based sources do you intend to consult to complete Assignment 2?

Your analysis should be in essay form, making use of paragraphs rather than sub-headings.
Your work will be marked for the extent to which it fulfils the following criteria:
Presentation Your work is legible, in an appropriate format and composed in written English that communicates your points clearly
Skills Your work focuses on the topic; is well structured and you provide evidence for the arguments you are making; the extent to which you have thought critically about the issues raised by the chapter and how they are presented. You are able to summarise key points.
Knowledge – How clearly you have identified the key points in the chapter. How far you have considered other ways to supplement the knowledge you have gained of the topic.
Understanding – How well you have understood the content of the chapter and show an understanding of the kinds of questions that need to be asked when critically analysing texts. The extent to which you demonstrate your awareness of the possibility of differing perspectives on a topic and of how cultural diversity and social inequalities need to be taken into consideration when reading and analysing printed sources.
Failure to submit prior to the deadline of 17 July at 5.00pm means your work will not be marked.

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