Submit Analysis of Cost Structure and Analysis of Financial Statements

Submit Analysis of Cost Structure and Analysis of Financial Statements


Using the Master budget and Financial Statements you created for Assessment 2, you are required to do a Financial analysis of your organisation as below and write a 1200 word critical analysis discussion in a report format. The report shall be address to the CEO of your organisation:

Analyse the cost structures. You should refer back to your master budget:
Split your costs into fixed and variable cost components.
Explain your rationale for why costs are fixed or variable.
Conduct a breakeven analysis and calculate the margin of safety within the 12-month budget period. This should be based on 1 or 2 key products of your organisation
Conduct an analysis on the working capital position and the long term capital structure of your organisation.
Conduct a full financial statement analysis on the three budgeted financial statements (the budgeted balance sheet, budgeted income statement and budgeted cash flow statement that you submitted in Assessment 2). This full analysis should include, for example, ratio analysis and vertical analysis as appropriate.
Write a critical discussion supporting the analysis in question 2-4 above. This discussion will consider business risks and opportunities associated with your organisation. You should not submit an Excel (or other spreadsheet tool) file.

Note: This assignment is to be submitted as a report . You should consider the primary reader to be, for example, the CEO of the organisation. The report should be limited to 1200 words (+/- 20%), not including references, appendices, numerical tables or executive summary. This report should be submitted as a Word/PDF document.

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