Supply chain management

Supply chain management
discussing the impact ol’lieailth care SYSlcms and :hcf‘ljlst “f SUpply
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chinnx \ nh this in nnntl. please perlorm a literature sun Ly rcg‘mhng ‘ 1L ‘ E
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l’icax‘t‘ perform :1 literature review ol‘pcriodicals (3 sources) and summarize your findings
R‘;!Ill‘ding the abox‘e question (with citations). This assignment 15 due on Tuesday. June
a . . t . . e . 7
M7 at the beginning of class (tum m a hard copy). The review should be no more than
pugcs in length using 12 point Times New Roman font. single spaced. With 1 meh
margins all around. Page 3 will contain only your bibliography. Your grade Will be a
function ot‘how completely and concisely you can answer the question. Your grammar,
formatting. and spelling will also he considered.

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