Synthesis #2 Assignment Sheet

Synthesis #2 Assignment Sheet

The last major assignment of the semester is also the longest and requires the most work with argument and revision. I hope you are up to the challenge. This final
Synthesis #2 essay must be in the topic area of “Health and Medicine” and include at least 10 secondary sources. Three of these 10 sources must be essays from our
textbook: two sources from the “Health and Medicine” unit and one source from the “Business and Economy” unit. You may certainly use items found in your Bibliography
assignment too.

This final synthesis essay gives you a chance to really stretch your writing muscles and discuss your topic in numerous ways to persuade your reader. Of course, this
is an argument synthesis so you are arguing a specific point and using sources to help your point come to light and appear logical and persuasive. Your sources will be
valuable in providing examples or support for your ideas as well as counter arguments or ideas that you will shoot down or dismiss as you extend your critical

The Assignment
Compose a 10 page/10 source argument synthesis in the topic area of Health and Medicine. If you do not do the topic in your Proposal Assignment, email me your intended
topic so I can approve it and make sure you are on the right track. Remember, you must argue a position in this essay and use sources to help prove your point. I am
also asking that you include a counter argument or two to show your versatility in arguing and seeing different sides of the topic. Remember: this is not a summary
essay, this an argument essay.

Composing Advice
As with Synthesis #1 you want your sources to have a dialogue and work on your terms. Do not simply support one of your sources as the only way to see something;
instead, decide your approach and use the sources to help you build points. You may certainly string together points that you like from several sources and combine
them into a persuasive statement of your own. This is one way to see how a synthesis builds. Your job is to conduct the orchestra and use the skills you have
summarizing, critiquing and arguing to bring the reader to your point of view.

Ten pages and 10 sources might seem a monstrous task as you first read this. But slow down a minute. If you break your argument into three or four main points and
build each point at 2 or so pages, you have quite a bit there. Expect a page or so for the introduction and conclusion, each, and you are right around 9 or 10 pages.
So work on this essay in “chunks” and perhaps think about your sources coming in line with these chunks too. Could this mean that you are writing 3 or 4 small critique
papers and then revising to make them all flow together? It could. I will help you see the drafting here in stages and we will meet to discuss your paper one-on-one at
the end of Week 12. Peer writing groups will also help you develop your essay.

Counter Arguments
At some point in your essay, you are required to discuss opposing points of view to your thesis. Dealing with counter arguments can be a big plus for you as you either
shoot them down or acknowledge their point of view and move on. We will work with counter arguments in class discussion as well as in They Say/I Say.

Nuts and Bolts
Typed, double-space, 1″ margins. Please use Standard Written English!
MLA Style and Works Cited Page please.
Around 10 pages in length with at least 10 sources.

This assignment is worth 20pts. max and this essay may not be revised.

A copy of this essay is also required to be emailed to the Director of Composition for program evaluation and to discourage plagiarism. More information on this to be

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