Synthesis Essay

ENG 100/Lloyd

Argumentative Synthesis Essay

For this assignment, you will use at least five of the readings (found on Blackboard) regarding regulation of cell phone usage while driving. In your essay, you must integrate and then cite on your “Works Cited” page all of the readings you choose to incorporate into your essay.

Your purpose is to use textual evidence from each of the readings to support your argument.

Remember, when using multiple sources, your voice should control the essay. Do not let your sources speak for you. Rather, you should explain the position and content of your sources to your reader in order to support your argument.

Your paper should be organized in the following manner:

Paragraph 1: Introduction

? Begin your introductory paragraph with a hook to capture your reader’s interest. You might consider using an anecdote, statistic, quotation from one of the readings, or you may ask your readers a question.
? Next, provide general background into the topic (frame the debate, give your reader an overview of the topic, provide any necessary definitions, and state the problem as you see it).
? End your introduction with a clear thesis statement (your claim) that controls the essay, specifically asserts your position on the topic, and gives some indication of your paper’s structure (see page 226 of your textbook and the thesis statement handout for an example of how to structure a closed thesis statement for this assignment).

Paragraphs 2 – 7/8: Your Argument

? Each paragraph will address only one topic (clearly stated in the topic sentence)—your sub-claim. After your topic sentence, you will provide well-chosen textual evidence from one or more of the articles you have chosen (grounds) to support your claim. You will end your paragraph with analysis to link your sub-claim to the evidence (warrants).
? You will also address the opposing viewpoint, present a concession, and offer a rebuttal by including a refutation section (one to two paragraphs). While a refutation paragraph may be placed anywhere in the body of an argumentative essay, for the purposes of this assignment, you may find that the last body paragraph(s) is a good position for this portion of your argument. We will review how to format a refutation paragraph as the semester progresses.
Paragraph 9/10: Conclusion

? In your concluding paragraph, you will restate your thesis in different terms, briefly reiterate your assertions, and provide your reader with a sense of closure (perhaps by referring back to your hook in some way or providing your reader a glimpse into the future).
Your essay should also
? be logically organized;
? include effective transitions;
? refer to sources using third-person voice and present tense;
? include an MLA Works Cited page;
? use MLA manuscript format (Times New Roman, 12-point font; double-spaced; 1-inch margins; citations; appropriate title, identification, and pagination);
? be between 4 and 5 pages in length;
Due Dates

Rough Draft: Due the week of April 11, 2017, at your scheduled group conference meeting. Late drafts will not be reviewed.
Final Draft: Due Tuesday, April 18, 2017: paper copy due at the beginning of class; electronic copy due via Blackboard by the end of the day.

Late work will not be accepted.

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