systematic review

Topic: systematic review
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its a systematic review. case study assignment.

‘ ocean dumping’

i upload here my learning guide, in that you have to read assignment 1 detail.

you have to make a PICO question

just let me know first PICO question you decide for ocean dumping, than i ll let you know you go forward ya need change.

i want following points in my assignment.

1- PICO question

2-Search strategy

3- Eligibility (inclusion/exclusion criteria)

4- Assessment of scienti?c quality

5- Interpretation

6- Coherence (e.g. structure, organisation, ‘story-­-telling’)

7- Presentation (e.g.clarity, suitability, formatting,English)
8-Overall quality of the writing (grammar, spelling)

9-Appropriate referencing and labelling.

use simple English, i want 12 references.
use APA 6th edition referencing style.

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