Takva Movie;

Takva Movie; guiding questions:

Can Muharrem maintain his virtues of simplicity and purity of belief in his new position as rent-collector? Are Islamic virtues timeless or do they change with time?

How would you characterize the Sufi order’s relationship with modern Turkish society?

How do you describe the operations of the economy run by the Sufi brotherhood? Is this a just economy if we compare it to the economy run by banks?

What happens to Muharrem at the end of the film? Will he come out of his catatonic state? Relate your answer to the Sheik’s description of the various stages in the

Sufi journey.

What does the woman in Muharrem’s dreams represent?

movie called Takva you may need to watch it to answer the questions.

it’s 5 questions there should be a paragraph for each question.

not more than 500 words.

here is the link of the movie.

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