Talking About Mass Incarceration and Race

I think it is imperative this week to discuss the issues of mass incarceration, primarily on African-Americans. As you read the slides, make sure to pay particular attention to the shifts in incarceration over time, as this growth is unique to the U.S. and it has impacted African-Americans at an extremely disparate rate than other groups. In addition, make sure to pay attention to the extra links, as these lead you to important governmental reports, research, and video clips. In particular, I think the video clip below sums up much of this week in the most significant way, so please watch the quick 4 minute video and engage in a discussion with the rest of the class that focuses on 1) your reactions to this video, 2) what you learned from this video (make sure to address why the rise in incarceration happened and how this relates to race!) and 3) how we should address these problems in society.

Video link:

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