Target Corporation Proposal Report

There are 4 parts for this project proposal.
The first part is the objective
The second part is Target corporation background.
The third part is about the future problems they might face (Must have calculations, for example: Break even, inventory).
and the last part is about the proposed strategy on how you tackle those problems.

-Please read the attachment I attached (thats the instruction from my teacher)
-You will have time until Sunday 23rd Oct, so you will have 4 days to finish it
-Each part need to have their own page (So you will at least have 4 pages, but it doesnt have to be a page full for each part)

The project proposal report, ideally, can serve part of the first 2-5 pages of your final project report; depending on how much preliminary analysis you have conducted. Proposal should usually include at least:
1) Background information of the project. The objective you want to achieve.
2) A detailed data section: discussion of data source and nature of the variables involved in the analysis.
3) Preliminary analysis. That is, some exploratory analysis of the data set, summary, plots, and maybe some preliminary calculation.
4) Proposed work from now till the final project to be turned in.
5) List detailed references if suitable. Of course, the length as well as the content should largely depend on the problem each individual group is facing.

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