Students should submit at least five out of six reflective journal entries over the semester. Each journal entry should have a length of about 750 words – not much shorter, and not very much longer. Journal assessment will be based on (i) evidence of progress being recorded, (ii) reflection of issues in relation to contemporary analytical techniques used in business, and (iii) depth of analysis and discussion. Note that we are not asking you to summarise the lecture material and/or the online reading. Indeed, you will sometimes find that the lecture material or the online reading does not directly answer the particular question being asked. You are required to study the lecture material, the online reading, any relevant tutorial questions, and other pertinent material that you might find; then to answer the question being asked, on the basis of a synthesis of the provided material, your own research, and your own thoughts.

To attain high marks, students should ensure that their reflection is clearly linked to the specified topic, the online readings, and the conceptual material covered in the relevant lectures and tutorials, and that it shows considered analysis and discussion on the identified issues. Moreover, they will ensure that standards of academic integrity are maintained by adequately citing all references.
n your second journal entry (Journal 2), we ask you to capture in a succinct statement (one or two sentences) what Systems Thinking is using your own words. Following this statement, please elaborate at greater length on the systems thinking approach and reflect on why it is particularly useful for business analysis by using appropriate examples. .
(Never heard of systems thinking? You are expected to read any readings associated with the journal before writing the journal. You can access the article listed below by way of the Online Readings folder of this Blackboard site.)

Use this online reading
Bustard, D.W., He, Z. &Wilkie, F.G. (2000). Linking soft systems and use-case modelling through scenarios, Interacting with Computers 13(1), pp. 97-110.
(http://iwc.oxfordjournals.org.ezproxy.newcastle.edu.au/content/13/1/97.short) and also 2 other references

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