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Final Essay

Please answer both parts of the essay.

Part 1. (85 points) In the last section of the course, we focused on e-training, development and implementation of training, key areas of organizational training, and management development.

Let’s assume that you are developing a portion of a management development program for our Insurance Company in Baltimore. This part of the program focuses on two topics – – diversity and team training. Also, let’s assume that our company has expanded to Washington, D.C. and Richmond, VA. We now have 250 managers instead of a 150. Please answer the following:

Why are these two training topics important to our organization? (1 – 2 pages)

Give me an ‘instructional strategy’ for each topic. You can assume that there is at least one module in each topic. (Your instructional strategy should not exceed 2 pages for each topic.)

How would you know if you were successful in implementing the training? (1 page)

This is your opportunity to be creative. I am not looking for rambling explanations. Please just give me the executive summary in a few paragraphs or bullets on the questions.

Part 2. (15 points) what is the most important T&D (training and development) idea/concept(PICK ONE) that you are taking away from this course, and why did you pick the topic? You cannot include TNA, aligning training with the business strategy, or training evaluation in your answer. These are the tenets of the course that help achieve our learning objectives.

(One paragraph only – – you will be graded on the ‘why’ mostly.)

will be using the same essay rubric that I have been using all semester for this essay. As usual, I do not need a title page. I need your name and some excellent ideas. Please cite Blanchard or outside sources when necessary as you have been doing all semester. My expectations will be high since you are now seasoned trainers with almost an entire course of experience.

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