Technology Convergence Essay

Technology Convergence Essay
Assignment: Technology Convergence Essay
The article below has shed fresh light on the technology opportunities that can be exploited from
the aggregated data of millions of social media and technology users. This research has become a
major talking point in the fields of Big Data, Machine Learning and Social Media.
Write an essay on the article. Suggested themes include (you can examine any or all of the
? How data garnered from smartphones, wearable electronics and home sensors might be
used in future advertising/political campaigns.
? What future sensors could be useful for learning more about peoples’ behaviours so that
custom content can be delivered to match their personal needs and personality profiles.
? Other potential opportunities for exploiting this data
? Can such data sway an election?
? Privacy measures to protect users from manipulation. Are such measures possible?
Make sure to use external references to support your argument. Your essay should be no more than
1500 words. If you are quoting from a resource then you must cite the resource using the Harvard
Citation style.

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