Technology in Pop Culture

Technology in Pop Culture Reflection Paper

Students will write a two page reflection paper on a movie that features technology and programming as a main element of the plot. The reflection will include observations about the depiction of technology in the movie, with regards to its use, accuracy, and realism. Students can choose one of the following films or propose a movie or TV episodes for instructor approval.

The Martian
War Games
Desk Set
Mr. Robot (Two episodes)
Steve Jobs (2015)
The Social Network
The instructor will provide DVD copies of the recommended media for the students to view individually or in a group outside of class as part of their homework requirement.

The goal of this assignment is to provide an opportunity for students to practice literary criticism and writing skills discussing topics applicable to technology.

Questions for you to consider to incorporate into your paper. Incorporate them into your essay. Do not answer each one individually.

How is technology used in the film?
Is the use of technology realistic? Is it exaggerated?
If a character is coding, does it seem familiar to you now since you are coding?
How is the technology changing the people in the story?

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