Teenager growth

Teenager growth

Students will synthesize a 3 page reflection paper about the movie “HAVOC”. Although the length of the paper is minimal, students are still expected to be thorough in their writing. Attach this rubric to the BACK of your paper prior to submission. Please address the following in your paper:

__/5 1) Introduction
Give a brief introduction about two main characters in the movie. What were their names? What are their character traits? Describe their experiences in relationship to adolescence?

__/10 2) Course Integration
Choose one of the developmental aspects below and analyze the movie by applying concepts presented in class or from your course text. Brief reflections will be penalized. Students are expected to present concepts and link them to the movie, not personal opinions. Quotations and citations from the movie and book are expected, in either MLA or APA style.
Family Dynamics
Family Structure
Parenting Style
Personality Development
Moral Development
Peer Relationships
High Risk Behaviors

__/10 3) Learning Experience.

What is your “ key take away message”? Brief reflections will be penalized. Explain how viewing the movie impacts your perspectives regarding adolescent development? Please connect responses to your overall experience in the course.

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