Terrorism- a global enemy

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Terrorism- A Global enemy

Whether it being 9/11 attack on US in 2001, or regular and continuous attacks on countries like India, Israel, Afghanistan, UK etc, terrorism is a real moment of death for everyone who has seen its face. Killing innocent people mercilessly is much more than a crime, it’s a sin. Terrorism, a topic on which, the difference of opinion might not be very common. Everybody will say that it is bad. But on the note of it being a Global enemy the opinion might change. Many of us will say that it is only enemy of the countries which have a bad relation among themselves or which are being attacked often. I believe that is not only a serious problem for the suffering countries but for all the countries all over the world.


Thesis Statement: Silence is invitation.

The problem why terrorism has been seen uncountable times in past two decades is that all the countries are not putting in hands together in the fight against terrorism. We feel like, we are not attacked means we are safe, why should we get indulged in the issue which is not affecting us, whereas the countries that were attacked are fighting hard against it. It should have been a movement of whole world but is only those who have suffered from it. If you are silent over the issue of theft in your neighbor’s house, yours may be the next house. When we keep silence over some issue this clearly states our non-opposition movement on the same. We all need to speak out and show our unity on the point of revolting terrorism and to be safe from it, and then only we can overcome it.


Three reasons why I support this:

  • It is a Global issue.
  • It is apart from all boundaries of countries, castes, communities and other boundaries of society.
  • Unity is strength.

Though so many countries are still out of it and have not seen it real face but there is no certainty of their being safe. We can only see countries that are being attacked, trying hard to fight against it. UN is trying to eradicate the threat of terrorism through its treaties since 30 years now but only treaties cannot make this out. There are 196 countries in the world, among which 192 are the members of UN and 12 treaties. And 12 treaties cannot fight for 196 countries which can be seen from the terrorist attacks in the last two decades. All major attacks have happened in the past one or one and a half decade. It is a Global issue and cannot be fought back until all the countries make their important participation in the movement. It should be a call from each country to fight against it.

Terrorism does not affect any particular region, religion, race, caste, community or culture. It is the matter of generalization. Everyone is equal for this and stand at the same place. People who are killed in terrorist attacks are not of a particular belonging, they are just humans. The bombs do not ask the caste and country before blasting. It cannot be captured under boundaries. The basic purpose of terrorist attacks is to create violence, draw attention of the Government and disturb the mankind to create fear for them. We together can only make this world a safer place to live in. It does not require and equipment to fight against it. Our general awareness is also a fight against terrorism and for the safety of mankind.

We read in stories that Unity is strength, but have forgotten the theme of the story in our real life. We have made communities after the major attacks but these communities do not mean we are united. This is only a group. When all the countries will fight together then only we can solve the issue of terrorism. If every human being and every country stand against this inhumane activity then we will obviously need less effort each and it will show more result all together. Terrorists are still countable in numbers but much more less that the population of the world. So if each one of us participates in the movement we will be much powerful even without weapons.

This movement will show that till now nothing is more powerful than human beings.

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