text analyse; genre, field, tenor, mode


I have three different texts and you need to provide each text’s GENRE, FIELD, TENOR and MODE descriptions. You need to write and academic paragraph for each description.

I already write the GENRE types of each texts and I also provided below explanations and questions that will guide/help you when you write the paragraphs. Your paragraphs will be the answer of below questions.  No need to REFERENCE!


GENRE: What kind of text is that (I provided the name of the genre for each text).

  • State the genre type (that I provided);
  • Who is intended?
  • What discourse community or communities is this audience or reader in?
  • What is the purpose of this text or speech or conversation?
  • How does the genre help to establish the information’s credibility?
  • How does the genre help to evoke an emotional response from the readers or audience?
  • How is the genre organized to convey its message
  • How formal/informal is the language
  • What specialized vocabulary is used
  • What other language features do you notice?

FIELD: what is to be talked or written about, the long and short term goals of the text?

  • What is the text about?
  • How are the logical relationships in the text signalled?
  • In what social setting is this kind of text typically produced?
  • What constraints and obligations does this setting impose on speaker(writers) and readers(audience)
  • What is the communicative purpose of this text (this may involve explicit and implicit factors)

TENOR: The relationship between the speaker and hearer (or writer and reader)

  • How is the relationship between the writer and reader constructed?
  • How is the power relationship between writer and reader signalled?
  • How does the writer signal evaluations (approval/disapproval, acceptance/rejections, certainty/uncertainty etc. …)
  • What roles may require of writers of writers and readers in this genre?
  • What shared cultural values maybe required of speakers and listeners in this genre?

MODE: The kind of text that being made,

  • Mode is refers to the rhetorical channel and functions of the discourse. Speech, writing, email, telephone etc.
  • How is text organised at a micro level (theme/rheme) and as a series of larger units of meaning (discourse moves such as: Reason>Result, General>particular, Time sequence).
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