The Behavioral /Social Learning Approach

The Behavioral /Social Learning Approach

This homework is divided in two parts. Each one must contain a least 400 words. Should include a least 4 quotations and citations in each part to support ideas and

Please read carefully the direction:

The chapter’s pages will be provided

Part I

Pages 388 – 398 to obtain foundational understanding of Observational Learning of Aggression

Question 1: How does observational learning of aggression lead to aggressive thinking and behaviors on children and adolescents?

Question 2: How would one use communication and operant conditioning to guide parents, children, and/or adolescents to an understanding that aggressive behaviors need
become a part of their own reaction to situations?

Part II

Pages 376 – 387 to obtain foundational understanding of Individual Differences in Gender-Role Behavior.

Explain: How does understanding gender-role behavior, such as the masculinity model, expand from traditional stereotypical perspectives of gender to concepts of men
and women that lead to equality in society that is not superficial

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