The best war ever

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Make sure you have read “Michael C.C. Adams, The Best War Ever: America and World War II (Second Edition)”, chapters 15-22 in Give Me Liberty!, the appropriate readings in “Eric Foner (editor), Voices of Freedom (Volume II), Fourth Edition”. In addition, make sure to provide an argument/thesis in your essay. Underline your thesis and your key terms, people, and events (all of which should be clearly explained in the text of your essay/post).

QUESTION: Americans have tended to remember World War II as the “Good War” – a conflict in which the United States represented and fought for a good cause, in which Americans fought with honorable means, and which brought more freedoms for Americans at home and nations abroad. Evaluate this public memory of World War II – what truth is there to this characterization, and what does this memory neglect or ignore? What ramifications did the glorification of war leave for future generations? How was another generation of soldiers – or Americans more generally – impacted by the skewed image of war? How were leaders impacted by the purported Golden Age of America?

Possible Outline (this is a suggestion only)

Introduction with your thesis stated clearly and underlined.

Paragraph 1 (Describe clearly the myth of World War II as the “Good War”: good cause; honorable means; more freedoms for Americans at home and nations abroad. This may take several paragraphs)

Paragraph 2 (Evaluate the myth. What is true about the myth? What needs to be debunked? What does this myth neglect or ignore? This will likely take several paragraphs)

Paragraph 3 (What are the ramifications of this myth? How has it affected soldier? American leaders?
Concluding Paragraph with a summing up of your argument but also an explanation of why this all matters. What principles should govern American entrance into wars overseas? In other words, answer the “so what” question here.

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