The Engineer as Ethical Actor, but please create a new title.

The Engineer as Ethical Actor, but please create a new title.
1- Attachments:
• 8 articles that should be the “only resources.”
• My Response paper #1
• Grading criteria

2- Plagiarism and paraphrasing:
The last time I ordered from this website I got in trouble with my instructor and he accused me that I am stealing ideas, and that I used outer resources. So this paper is another chance to make up the previous paper under the order number of 84793965.
Moreover, that I copied the same exact sentences from a certain website. Please, I can’t have the same problem this time and I need everything to be clear. He told me that I used the same words when paraphrasing which is not acceptable and if I needed to add a quote or paraphrase something then I have to cite everything correctly. Please, I don’t want to get in trouble again.
3- Language: I need my paper to be with standard and simple English language. Also, I need the paper’s language style and way of writing to be similar to the attached Response paper #1 but please do a good citation.

4- Focus: For response paper #2, you will create and defend an argument focused on the topic “The Engineer as Ethical Actor.” What that argument will be depends on how you interpret the topic, as well as what you believe to be important and relevant. There are numerous possibilities that can be used: but it is very important that you 1) actually have an argument/position, 2) that you explicate this argument and show why it is correct, and 3) that you defend this argument against likely counterargument. You do not need to focus on a literature review – Response Paper #1 served that purpose – but use the articles as a resource of supporting your argument, providing possible counterarguments, and so forth.

5- Resources: I am not allowed to use any OUTER resources and those eight articles attached are the only resources I can use. Please, citations must be used carefully and using APA style.

1) Downey, Gary Lee, Juan C. Lucena, and Carl Mitcham. “Engineering Ethics and Identity: Emerging
Initiatives in Comparative Perspective. Science and Engineering Ethics. 13:4 (December 2007) 463-487.
2) Harris, Charles E. “The Good Engineer: Giving Virtue its Due in Engineering Ethics” Science and
Engineering Ethics 14:2 (June 2008) 153-164.
3) Lynch, William and Kline Ronald. “Engineering Practice and Engineering Ethics.” Science, Technology and
Human Values. 25.2 (Spring 2000): 195-225.
4) Davis. Michael. “Engineering Ethics, Individuals, and Organizations” Engineering Ethics 12:2 (2006) 223-
5) Davis, Michael. “Thinking like an Engineer: The Place of a Code of Ethics in the Practice of a Profession”.
Philosophy and Public Affairs 20.2 (1991): 150-167
6) Moriarty, Gene. Fall 2001. “Three Kinds of Ethics for Three Kinds of Engineering” IEEE Technology and Society
Magazine pp. 31-38
7) Vesilind, P. Aarne. 1999. “The Good Engineer.” Science and Engineering Ethics 5(4), pp. 437-442.
8) Van den Hoven, Jeroen, Lokhorst, Gert-Jan, and Van de Poel, Ibo. 2012. “Engineering and the Problem of Moral
Overload.” Science and Engineering Ethics 18(1), pp. 143-155.

6- Content: Each paper must begin with a strong introduction, including a clear thesis statement that presents your argument and a corresponding outline of your paper to guide the reader. As you write the response paper, briefly summarize only the ideas which you think are most relevant to the topic, present your argument and the logical/evidentiary points in its favor, identify other authors’ implicit assumptions or perspectives (if using them), and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your argument in comparison with others. The purpose of your paper is to take a definitive position, which you then support with substantive argumentation and sound reasons. End your paper with a strong conclusion, summarizing your work and the position you have taken.

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