The evidence–base for the accountability and effectiveness of humanitarian actions

lease comment on the current status of the evidence–base for the accountability and effectiveness of humanitarian actions, particularly through the lens of ALNAP(is attached with files), and suggest strategies which could be utilised to increase the strength of the evidence base in international disasters and humanitarian crises. It requires the synthesis of a response substantiated by reference to the literature and personal experience and should be 3,000 words.

Note: 1) ALNAP (is guide but I have attached references files
For evaluation: ALNAP: evaluating humanitarian action (free access )

2) what evidence is available and what is required in humanitarian assistance? (free access )

3) 3ie impact evaluation reports
I need in this assignment to build an argument essay which contain references that I have attached. please write about for humanitarian in emergencies and disasters and focus on 3 important parts

1) Accountability:

Such as political (system), NGOs not share what they have.
Also, competences, people ask for accreditation.
Also, economics, beneficiaries (what they want and what they need? process fees, NGO admin fees) , money should transfer to right place to right people.
2) Effectiveness:
Do the beneficiaries get relief? With effectiveness or not
The effectivity not only about the money that they have (so need measure by undertaken evaluation) also need structure of evaluation the money that spent such as evaluation support gender programs.
All those things are driving by Donors like AUSAID to monitor and evaluate when give the money.

3) Evidenced based systematic data.


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