The existence of GOD

1) Can the existence of GOD be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt? If so why and why not?  What are the connections or association for the traditional Theist. (Theist= A person who believes there is a GOD who created and governs all creation. (7 Page paper not including cover and work cited page)
2)  Please include the following in the argument:

ontological argument

cosmological argument

teleological argument

The argument of motion

The argument of Causality

The argument of Morality

Punishment theodicy


3) Please refrain from using “In my opinion” in the paper. Use a position that you can defend.  Limit Quotations used.


4) Double space


5) Use three additional sources in the discussion.


6)Use any of the following to cite your sources:  MLA, APA, or Chicago guidelines.

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