the fat girl by andrew dubus

the fat girl by andrew dubus

Using the description of a response paper on pg 53 of your textbook, write a response to “The Fat Girl.” Be sure that you’re writing a personal response, connecting

the themes or events in the story to something from your own experience. How does the short story help us to understand our own lives or our own present-day

experience? Discussion post must be (350-500 words)

Responses to four peers (100+ words)

Be sure to use quotes from the text for ALL posts and responses.

question 2.

it is a question and answer about andrew dubus the fat girl .

i will post likely question but not the same book and the question is always 1 to 9
1. How would you summarize the plot of the story. Does anything about the story make it difficult to summarize the plot?
2.Who is the most sympathetic character in the story and why? What kind of information do we learn about the emotional life of that character? What don’t we know?
3What point of view does the story use? What effect does this type of narrator have on the story’s effect?.
4.Describe the setting of the story in detail. Where is it set? What is the time period? What don’t we know about the setting
5.What is the style of the story? Is the prose formal or informal? Melodramatic? Minimalistic? Describe the overall tone and give evidence for your answers.
6.Do you see any reoccuring images or patterns in the story? Are there any symbols?
7.Why is the narrator so focused on the girl’s sexuality? What argument is the story making about this subject?
8.Discuss the implications of the line, “this is how to make a good medicine to throw away a child before it even becomes a child.” What do you think of the mother

offering this advice to her daughter? How does this line relate to the story’s theme?
9.Of all the things the mother warns against the girl doing and, therefore, becoming a slut, which are actually sexual in nature? What might this tell you about the

ways that female sexuality is defined and constrained in the text?

Statics and Strength of Materials

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