The Five Skills of Health Care Language Log

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The Five Skills of Health Care Language Log

Create a log that demonstrates when and how you use various communication and language skills throughout the day.

Review the following list of communication actions and track the times when you exhibit each during one normal day. Use this week’s readings as a resource. Keep a running tally in the Count and Time column of when you complete these actions, and estimate the time spent on each skill. Include an example of the skill exhibited in a health care setting. Reflect on any work experience you may have in the health care field. If you do not, provide examples from a consumer’s perspective.

You may optionally create and include pie charts or bar graphs to enhance your log.

Skill Count and Time Example of Skill Used in a Health Care Setting
Thinking (Analyzing and Understanding)
Writing (Typing and Spelling)

Describe in 150 to 350 words why effective communication in the health care industry depends on the refinement and proper use of these skills. What are consequences of not communicating effectively in health care?

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