The future of english

Topic: The future of english

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the marking, special attention will be paid to content,language use (correctness, clarity, etc.) and appropriate style -organisation/structure -overall impression
You will need to undertake some research in order to do this assignment.
The essay allows students to demonstrate that they are ready to perform competently in an English-language academic context, to structure a sustained argument and to respect the DCU conventions regarding plagiarism, referencing, etc.
Aim at an academic style and approach. You must write clearly and in a structured way, and in a more academic way than usual. But be realistic about your writing. Find a balance between your usual writing style and the style that you want to achieve. If yougo too far from your normal English, you will lose control.
Journalistic references and others drawn from general reading are permitted of course, but at least two academic book references and at least two journal references (from DCU databases) must be included.
Remember that an essay has a continuous argument. Your paragraphs/ideas should follow each other for a reason.
Use the Harvard system and don’t forget the full reference list at the end – in alphabetical order!
PLAGIARISM WILL BE HEAVILY PENALISED. Always show where you found your information on the topic.
You may, if you like, have two or three section headings, but please do not put a heading on every paragraph. The content and construction of the paragraphs, and the linking from one paragraph to the next, should be clear to the reader without the use of headings.
The future of English:
English has dominated international business, politics and culture more than any other language in human history. Recently, however, populous countries like China and Brazil have been playing a bigger role in the global economy.
Is the future of English as a global language assured?
this all give by the techer.
I will attached to journal artical which should use it and some books but you should use two of them at least.
This is a books use at least two:
Bex, T. and R.J. Watts (1999). Standard English: The widening debate. London: Routledge
Burns, A. and C. Coffin (eds.) (2001) English in a global con****: A Reader. London: Routledge
Cheshire, J. (ed.) (1991) around the world: Sociolinguistic perspectives. Cambridge
Crystal, David (2003) as a global language (2nd Edition)
Graddol, D. (1997). Future of English: A Guide to forecasting the popularity of the English language
Trudgill, P. and J. Hannah (1982/2002) English: A guide to varieties of Standard English

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