The Future of Food

The Future of Food

The Future of Food.pdf

Read The Future of Food (on-line) and watch the short documentary that accompanies the article. Then write a two to three (2-3) page essay about whether you are
optimistic or pessimistic about our ability to feed ourselves as the population of the world increases in the next 50 years. Support your ideas with examples or with
your own proposals for how we should go about things. For the purpose of this extra credit essay, imagine yourself living in a nation at risk rather than living in
the world’s richest nation.

In this class, an essay page is written in 12-point type (for example 12-point Times New Roman) with one-inch margins on the right and left sides as well as the top
and bottom

Your essay assignments often have no right or wrong answer. They require you to develop your own ideas and to present your ideas clearly. To write well for this
class, you may find these guidelines helpful:

Trust yourself. Make statements.

Use direct, declarative sentences to express your ideas.

Support your ideas with evidence from the assigned reading.

Reach a conclusion. Have a point to make.

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