The Heart of Change Integrative Paper

You are required to write a review of John Kotter and Dan Cohen’s book, The Heart of Change.  You will be expected to tie the materials in that book to the information presented in the text.

As you move through the text and other assignments, take notes and outline the connections between Kotter and Cohen’s book and the textbook as they occur to you. This will make writing the paper considerably easier and improve its organization and quality.  Given the number of principles and concepts that you could relate, the key is to identify and discuss only the most important concepts relevant to the assignment.

You will be expected to produce a high quality, graduate-level product.  The paper should follow APA format, of a reasonable length [8-10 pages of “meat” (not counting title or ref page)].  You will need to write concisely, edit well, and clearly organize your thoughts.

The general requirements follow:

  1. the work presented must be original and exclusively yours;
  2. it must be properly cited, with footnotes, cross-references, etc.;
  3. it must be of graduate level caliber, with proper paragraphing, pages numbered, etc.; and
  4. there must be three sections to the paper that are clearly identified (in bold font).  The sections are Introduction, Discussion (clearly label Kotter’s 8 Steps), and Conclusion.

Because of increasing concerns with academic dishonesty, use proper citations when referring to specific materials in either Organizational Behavior and Management or The Heart of Change. This both clarifies which book you are discussing and provides citations necessary to avoid plagiarism.  Points will be deducted for failing to cite the books.  The format for citations is not critical. For example, “Kotter and Cohen, p. 120” or “Ivancevich, Konopaske and Matteson, pp. 145-47” are sufficient.  If you want to use more formal citation formats, links are provided later in the syllabus.

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