the impact of mega events

the impact of mega eventsOrder Description
Task requirement
For your individual essay, you must write a 3,000 word critical essay on a contemporary events management issue of your choice. We will have explored a wide range of issues together on the course and you may choose one of these, or a new issue. We will discuss this in more detail in class.
In your essay, you should make use of a range of academic and industry sources, which would normally include academic journal articles, textbooks, websites, industry journals and social media. You should critically examine the topic from an academic perspective and also show it’s relevant for contemporary management practices in the industry.

Essay Structure

• Introduction (250 words)
o Setting out the aims of the essay
o Introduce the key concepts and explain the structure of the essay

• Understanding the mega event (400 words)
o Definitions of mega event
o For example Scale, element, attendances, media, profile, infrastructure, costs etc.

• Mega event research (500 words)
o A detail overview of impacts in mega events in both side benefits and drawbacks
o For example Social, economic, people, employment, infrastructure development

• Case study of changing and impacting in mega event (1200words)

The modern mega event:
• Example: The Modern Olympic Games – a Globalised Cultural and Sporting Event
The negative impact in economic:
• Example: Brazil world cup 2014

The social impact
• Example: could you please find sources to support this
• Solution to improve (300)
• Conclusion (350 words)

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