The Real Human Being

Perhaps the hardest assignment: we have explored shame and lies; now it is time to consider the what Heidegger called the “Desein” – the real man, man (or woman) without all the societal expectations and popular outer trappings.

To do this we delve into one of favorite essays: “Borges and I”. It looks small, but do not let that fool you – Borges could say more in one sentence than most of us can say in 256 pages. Read the attached document, then tell me what you think in accord with the instructions.

The are three major parts of Borges essay:

1) We exist as two selves – the inner and the outer selves;

2) The actions of the outer self “justify” the inner self;

3) As we age, we surrender the inner self to the outer self.

BUT: The Borges is just an essay to get you focused on the topic. Most people assume their own existence — for once, we do not assume.

Objectively, what is your raison d’etre? Your reason to be? Justify.

Now, in the common MLA format, a page or two. or more, please consider the question: “WHAT JUSTIFIES MY EXISTENCE?” I find it rather tiresome that most people feel no need to justify their own existence – they take it as a “given.” And religion does not work: to say “God wants me here, and so I have reason to be,” begs the question of the existence and nature of God — do not use this approach. And people even feel entitled. But, such is not the case.

Ethics is the study of how we should behave — the good and bad/right and wrong. This assignments is an effort to tie up all the elements we have looked at over the past few weeks… kind of an effort in purity.

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