The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down Chapter1?7

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1. Anne Fadiman found herself asking two key questions as she wrote and revised this book. What is a good
doctor? And, What is a good parent? Give an answer, based on some of the issues being explored in this book.
Ch. 1
1. What are some of the spiritual beliefs of the Hmon??????g that relate to health and how does that differ from
western medical ideas?
Ch. 2
1. Explain what the professor of French meant when he said, “Fish Soup. That’s the essence of the Hmong.”
Chapter 3
1. There are different explanations for Lia’s condition. What are they?
Chapter 4
1. What are some things Hmong refugees feared before coming to the U.S.? Why?
Chapter 5
1. How did the doctors who took care of Lia feel about the Lees and their failure to comply with medical directives?
Chapter 6
1. Why is cross?cultural medicine so hard to practice? What are some of the cultural mistakes doctors can make,
particularly with Hmong?
Chapter 7
1. Should courts compel parents to adhere to medical decisions or should courts respect their religious, personal,
and cultural beliefs?

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