the sporting’s jackpot

Paul John
Outline 3
Word count: 313
A narrative essay is describing my reaction upon hearing that I had won the sporting’s jackpot.
Having been an addict to sports betting and numerous trials in trying to win the pot having failed, the moment they contacted to inform that I had won the cash price jackpot the reactions that unmasked proofed the ambiguity of the news . I had risked my savings in trying the full risk adventure with numerous setback and negative attitude from my fellow compatriots, “you are wasting your time and money in sports betting because you have never warned .” The joy that filled my face proofed their concerns wrong because despite winning the betting odds I also wore the odds they had to me .
? The reaction that followed upon hearing of the news
On hearing the news, I thought it was a prank, and it never occurred to me whether it was the reality.
? How I expressed myself upon confirming of the reality of the news?
Once I recognized that the story was real, I forwarded the message to my friends and contacted them.
? The reason that resulted in my reactions
I wanted to proof the once that thought my relentless efforts would bear any fruit .
? The reactions that marked with individuals that I informed the news
I could feel the guilt masked within the joyful expression of my friends.
? The events that shaped the later part of my day
My thoughts didn’t settle because of my treacherous fanaticism of possession and usage of the money .
? The presence of publicity that revolved
Upon receiving the information and contacted I was informed that I was going to be aired on national television.
? How I reduced my treacherous fanaticism
I opted on scrapping of the ideology from my thoughts through continued implementation of my current day schedules.
Comments: Hi Paul. Please make sure you can see my marginal comments. If you can’t you may need to adjust the “Review” settings on the top toolbar. You have some workable ideas in your approach. Make sure to keep your focus on proving the “joy” you felt as you tell a story about what you did after you won the jackpot. As you work on making changes and constructing Paper 3, send me a message

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