The Stevens Company

The Stevens Company
The Stevens Company is converting from the SQL Server® database to the Oracle® database.
Using the sample shown below, create a Risk Information Sheet for at least five potential risks that might be encountered during the conversion. At least three of the five risks you choose should be project management related.

Risk Information Sheet
Risk Description:
Risk Mitigation:
Please note the following:
The risk description should fully describe the risk
The probability is the likelihood that the risk will occur (i.e., low, medium, or high)
The impact is how the organization will be effected if the risk does occur (i.e., low, medium, or high)
The rationale should explain the reasons for your probability and impact assessments
The mitigation strategy should explain how each risk will be addressed
There should be one risk information sheet for each risk identified
The risk information sheets can be completed in Word, Excel®, or PowerPoint®

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