The Stratton Township Park budget

Paper details
This assignment consists of a budget in Microsoft excel format and a word document. I will provide the excel spreadsheet with the budget for the “Stratton Township Park” and most of the calculations. I will also attach the Stratton Township Park case information with all of the details in order for the writer to be able to understand the case and complete the assignment. The most important component of this assignment is the 5 page word document. Therefore, the writer must complete a 5 page paper based on the attached budget for the “Stratton Township Park”.

The instructions for the 5 page paper are as follows:

Write a 5 page memo addressed to the park manager. Your memo is to include explanations of your budget documents and analysis and address the questions from the case (These questions will be included in the attached document titled the “The Stratton Township Park”). The budgets you prepare and variance analysis you perform should be presented in a spreadsheet attached to your memo. Include your proposed annual program budget for the upcoming fiscal year and support why you believe this budget is appropriate.

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