The Vision of the Firm


Require read book name The primary textbook for the course is” The Vision of the Firm”
(WestAcademic, 2014).

You should work in groups of up to three for the research paper. You may also work on this individually. While I maintain the same standards for content no matter the size of your group, you should know that, if you choose to work in a group, especially a group of three, I expect your paper to be grammatically perfect and written exceptionally well. I will grade on that criterion as well as content.

You should identify a complex moral problem in business today that you believe was appropriately handled or a dilemma, whether handled well or not, that a company is currently facing or a dilemma that was not handled well. In other words, you have a longer time frame from which to select if you are writing about a case that you believe was appropriately handled. You can go back 25 years for such a case. This means that you cannot write about the 1982 Tylenol recall!

The goal is to conduct enough factual research so you fully understand the issue. Then apply the moral reasoning process we used in class so that you can describe what was good about the decision in normative terms. You will use the six-step Hosmer moral reasoning process and apply three ethical frameworks: shareholder, stakeholder, and virtue. You will also apply the pro-active part of shareholder, stakeholder and virtue (Hard Trust, Real Trust, and Good Trust) to propose how to build ethical cultures. Thus, you will apply the Total Integrity Management model to address how a company can create an ethical corporate culture with a specific eye toward how they would take the decision you advocate and make it one that is habitually made. Please bear in mind that good papers directly address, in full, the above paragraph. Great papers do this and also bring in examples from class (discussions, readings (especially from Chapter 12) and lectures to render a fuller assessment of the research paper; in other words, to put the class fully together.

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