Theoretical module

Topic: Theoretical module

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My work is from my theoretical anthropology module.

The piece is a research report on ethnographic research carried out. My theme is on a Latin American community integrating to British life in London, England.

I need a introduction to my work so a research proposal is needed, including what methods I will use so in this case participant observation- this must be detailed and how I will access my research site, furthermore, I will carry out interviews with a group of people and record their views etc, these interviews will be carried out in their homes or a coffee shop. I will contact them through phoning them etc.. ask them a set amount of questions etc.. I need this to be expanded so I would insist on this section being at least 400-500 – use authors to make references to the methods and what they mean to a research and what is the importance of how you will access a research site.

The next section should present at least 2 summarys Of readings directly linked to the theme of integrating into a society with, it would be great if you use case studies of research carried out by other authors, what they argue, methods used, recordings, data collected and its meaning and their conclusions of their research

Each case study summary should be 600 words each at least.
Lastly this research paper is based on theoretical approaches from ethnographic methods- participant observation methods etc..

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