Topic: Abnormal Psychology

Order Description**Compose at least a 500 word essay (2–3 pages, not including title page or references) comparing and contrasting two or three theoretical models used to explain abnormal behavior.

**Be sure to thoroughly address how each model explains abnormal behavior and which therapeutic methods they use. Support your essay using scientific, peer-reviewed sources ONLY. In addition to your textbook (Comer, R. J. (2014). Fundamentals of abnormal psychology (7th ed.). New York, NY: Worth Publishers), two of the sources used must be beyond the assigned reading (those cited by the authors of the text do not count as an external source).

**Use the American Psychological Association (APA) style (6th edition) for writing your assignment. Be sure to cite your references in APA style in-text and include the full APA style reference information at the end of the document. A separate, formal reference page is optional, but complete APA style references are mandatory.

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