Topic: Analysis for Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte


Please analyze the orchestra music piece Maurice Ravel’s Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte or Pavane for a Dead Princess. I’ve uploaded two versions links – one for piano and one for orchestra. (Ravel wrote many of his pieces for piano – then orchestrated them.) The pavane is a very slow formal dance popular in the 16th &17th centuries, particularly in the Spanish courts.

Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte orchestra (the writing should refer to this version):

Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte piano (consider this version as a reference):

The writing should ONLY refer to the orchestral version. The piano version might be of interest as a reference point in observing the orchestrations – a black and white version will help the writer see the color version more vividly and will help you hear the beats.

~Assignment part one – written description of the piece.

A thorough description of the piece using language specific to musical discussion (focus on the sound of the music, its beat patterns, the type of instruments used. See the file named Elements of Music) Refer to the Musical Lexicon document in the documents folder to refresh your memory on this language. Around two pages in length.

~Assignment part two – written description of your experience of the piece.

This should track your feelings and thoughts about this piece. I want you to experiment in your writing style here. Also, don’t be afraid to express feelings or thoughts that seem to be contrary to what the piece seems to want you to feel. Around two pages in length.

P.S. When you mention the name of the piece in the paper, please use Italic. Please remember to proofread. Make sure there are no grammatical and spell mistakes, it is very important. Thank you.

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