Topic: ArtNiva Gallery: During Crisis

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a paper based on my internship that I preformed at an Art Gallery in Moscow, called ArtNiva. In this paper I need to explore academical framework and compare/ comment on it though my own experience. I have made a powerpoint presentation where I highlight some of my experiences. I will upload this presentation for you in order for you to include thus experiences into the paper
Some of my dudes during Internship were :
-Viewings of spaces for potential new gallery
– This is an important point because ArtNiva Gallery lost is gallery space in city centre of Moscow due to high rent , which is because of the crisis that Russia is facing today because of the Ruble
– Going though Archives of Alla Belyakina’s works
– Alla Belyakina is the main artist of the gallery. The gallery holds the biggest collection of her works, and it operates based on this single artist.
As well the gallery looks at her teach, Artur Vonzinin. She was his muse, lover and a student.
create a concept of workshops for children from which ArtNiva would profit

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