Topic: Assessment

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Referencing Requirements
Either APA (in-text) or Chicago (footnotes) referencing system is required in this unit. It is recommended that you
use the APA and Chicago referencing guide prepared by the UWS Library. The link to these referencing systems
Please note that while APA does not require page numbers you must include page numbers in your
essay. Please also note that while Chicago does not require you to include newspaper articles in the
bibliography you must include newspaper articles in the bibliography for your essay.
Training in referencing is offered in the core unit Analytical Reading and Writing. Referencing and assignment
writing resources are also provided in vUWS and will be discussed in tutorials.

For this assignment you are required to utilise at least three scholarly/academic sources in addition to those
we have provided.

In fact it is a requirement that you use some of the compulsory weekly readings as
sources for your essay. You must use at least some of those that are relevant to your essay ( Will be attached with the order )
As mentioned, apart from scholarly/academic sources you might wish to use other sources, such as newspaper
and magazine articles, official sources, and television or radio reports.

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