Topic: Aviaition Management


Assignment A
ICAO’s Annex 19 as well as Chapter 4 of the SMM are directed to States, guiding the implementation
of safety management systems at State level, thus also providing the framework for safety
management systems at service providers’ level.
The goal of the assignment is to help you identify and evaluate regulatory issues relevant to the
management of safety concerns in aviation by signatory States (thus, we are talking about the State
Safety Programme). Therefore, this assignment assesses Learning Outcome 2 of this course.
You are allowed, and rather encouraged, to do and submit Assignment A as part of a group if it fits
your needs and opportunities. You may form a group with internal and distance students, if so you
wish. Assignment marks will be the same for any member of the group. If you prefer to work alone
and gain your own marks, this is also an acceptable idea.
Things to consider
1. Work within the following broad scenario: “A new island nation has gained independence
recently, and has applied to be, and has been accepted as, a signatory member of ICAO. You
are put in charge of developing the corresponding SSP for the new State as a matter of
2. Provide a (very) brief description of how you are imagining your particular scenario (e.g., the
cultural importance of aviation safety for the new state, whether they have resources for
safety or not, etc).
3. Read chapter 4 of the SMM, about the State Safety Programme (SSP).
4. Identify the five (5) elements of the SSP—notice that it is elements, not components—which
you believe are the most appropriate to start work with when setting up the SSP for the
State—notice that all elements are important: What I am asking is which five you will start
work with for a coherent implementation of the SSP given your scenario.
5. Create a concise manuscript about your starting SSP, and provide a reasoned and convincing
argument for each of the five elements selected.
Assignment parameters
• Your assignment may be in any suitable format: report, essay, etc.
• Type your assignment using a word processor (you may submit a doc or pdf file).
• Keep it short (max. 1000 words).
• List any references you may have used (you don’t need external references but include them,
if used—references don’t count towards the word limit).
• Upload the assignment to the appropriate dropbox on Stream (notice that it will generate a
Turnitin report, so beware of plagiarism).
• Upload it by its deadline.

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