Topic: Business Research Case Study, 2015-16

Order Description1. Abstract/Executive Summary. A synopsis of the issue or problem that you have identified your chosen organisation needs to address, including a brief summary of the content of your assignment. 200 – 250 words
Questions about Human resources
ageing of population
Motivation and reward
2. Introduction. A short background to the organisation you have chosen to study and its environment. 250 – 300 words

3. Literature Review. A critical examination of the topic you have chosen to address, based on your research of authoritative sources. 1,300 – 1,500 words
4. Critical Evaluation. Of secondary data in relation to the issue or problem that you have identified within your chosen organisation. 1,400 – 1,600 words
5. Recommendations. How your chosen organisation could improve its operational performance based on your research. 450 – 650 words
6. Reflective Journal. To reflect upon your professional, academic and employability skills. 1,000 words
7. References. Using Harvard Referencing system, a list of your academic sources in alphabetical order

8. Appendices. For any additional information eg annual accounts, diagrams/charts/tables/graphs or any visual images

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