Topic: coaching

Order Description- The customer care told me to choose English as subject area because there is no such subject area called ”coaching”, so you will transfer me to the correct precise writer.
-I’m doing masters in International management and my module is management and leadership.
– we had coaching workshop and we are asked to write nearly 2000 words separated into two pieces of work nearly 1000 each..
1) Reflective statement:- That chart the students experience in conducting coaching session ( I was a coach for two coachees separately and I will upload their feedback for you). You have to write learning as coach (descriptive level reflection, what happened, what I notice, overall reflection) and 3 references one of them ”Johari window”.
2) Personal development plan(PDP):- you have also to write here nearly 1000 words ( the gaps between current and expected levels of practical coaching performance, areas of strength in practical coaching performance, a plan to address these gaps and develop strengths, how the plan will be monitored and reviewed, look out what you found challenging, relate it yourself as future manager,action). with few references.
– Reference style is Harvard-LSBU
– Please if you have any question or suspicion text me as soon as possible.

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