Topic: Dubai E-Government Success Factors (continuing the previous order) # 2

Order DescriptionContinuing the previous order of Dubai E-government Success factors, I need a new section of 3 pages that compares Dubai E-Government to Saudi Arabia’s e-government and Oman’s e-Government in terms of accessibility, development, readiness, how much its used, difficulties and challenges..etc, etc. I will provide a total of 10 articles (Use at least 6 of them). Overall, Dubai E-Government is supposed to be better than Saudi Arabia and Oman’s, so please make it look so. The 10 articles include 2 United Nations e-government reports of years 2012 and 2014. Please use the “e-government development index” indicator in these reports to show the ranks of the countries above (Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates, so you’ll use United Arab Emirates in the case of U.N Reports). Please do not forget to use in-text citation based on APA style Try to generate at least one table that compares Dubai, Oman, and Saudi Arabia.

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