Topic: Economic Sociology

Order DescriptionSubject area : Economic Sociology

Topic : inequality in post conflict country and Keynesian theory is effective or not

1. This product will serve as a draft proposal and after acceptance of paper, you will be my designated writer for actual thesis.

2. 10 pages of proposal and 5 pages of explanation how did you developed idea/proposal through literature, references and etc.

3. In the reference list, You must include below books and articles

A. Michael E. Porter, The competitive advantage of nations
B. Adam Smith, The theory of moral sentiments
C. W. Richard Scott, Reflection on a half-century of organizational sociology
D. Lex Donaldson, Organisational Sociology
E. Short Articles about ‘John Maynard Keynes, The general theory of employment, interest and money’ or short introduction article about Keynesian economic

4. I do not have economic background and my MA was international organisation’s diplomacy so if you put too much on economic flavour in paper will very suspicious to Professors.

5. I am big fan of Keynesian economic but does not know his theories in detail.

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