Topic: Historical Geography narrative on the following broad theme: Indian and European relations between 1600 and 1800 in North America


1. This project is a Story Map that I will produce once the outline Essay is complete with all of the required information that’s stated below. 2. There is a Reflective Essay as well that cannot be the same as the Story Map, see below.

Story Map Essay:
Have a title and clearly explain the theme and narrowed thesis statement
Contain a minimum of 6 locations. These 6 locations must represent three different regions and three different time periods (1600-1700; 1700-1763, 1763-1800) – for example, you may have 1 location from New England, 3 locations from what is now the Southeastern United States, and 1 location from Canada (or any variation adding up to three different regions) and, in the same fashion, the each era mentioned above has at least one associated location/event.
Clearly explain “what happened where and why it happened there”
Consider how geographic location influenced the outcome of events (analyze in your own words in one paragraph)
Make connections by explaining how the locations mapped are related to each other
Determine if there are any significant patterns revealed by the mapping of your locations
Utilize primary source documents – you must utilize a minimum of TWO primary sources
Utilize academically appropriate secondary sources (for the majority of you this will be materials referenced in the course module, textbook, or linked in the textbook. You may, with great caution, utilize materials we have not assigned in this course, if and only if they are appropriate for college level work.
Each location must be mapped on its own map
Each location must have an associated and relevant non-map image
Use proper citation. EACH location should have its own citations immediately after the paragraph (not at the end of the Story Map)
To recap: Introduction with thesis statement, each of the 6 locations must be relevant to your narrowed thesis and include a 1-2 paragraph analysis, with proper Turabian/Chicago style footnote citations, a relevant non-map image, and be mapped. The overall project must use 2 primary sources and represent 3 different geographic regions and three different time periods.

Your map will be graded on following the above instructions (having all the requisite elements listed above) in addition to logic and clarity, historical and geographical analysis, accuracy, grammar and mechanics (including citations), and aesthetics.

Your reflective analysis will be graded like any other essay: logic and clarity of argument, required components, accuracy of analysis, grammar and mechanics.

Project Reflection Essay:
In this 1-2 page essay, you are sitting back and reflecting upon what you have learned in this project. The essay must contain the following:
In your introductory paragraph, briefly describe your narrowed thesis and its historical context (ie how does it relate to the overall theme assigned)
At least one paragraph describing the “big picture” historical geography take-aways. Do you see any patterns forming? How does a geographical analysis broaden/deepen your understanding of the historical events. In a broad sense (for all 6 location together) explain what happened where and why it happened there (do not simply repeat a description of each location, this is a discussion of trends/patterns). Also explain why we should care (why is this historically important? How are these relations shaped by geographic considerations?)
At least one paragraph discussing change over time (chronology). Are their any patterns here among the locations? Why are things changing, what influences the change over time)
Conclusion – How did this project broaden/deepen your understanding of the interactions between Europeans and Indians (think about what you learned in class materials and what you learned from exploring your narrowed topic).

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