Topic: international business


For your paper, you will research each dimension for two countries, and compare and contrast your findings. Further, you will research each of the seven factors Kearney investigates and discuss how or why each country ranks the way it does. (The seven factors can be found on page 9 of your textbook).

The purpose will be to find out how globalization has affected each country, how they have adapted, and in what ways have their paths been similar or dissimilar. The last point of comparison will be how easy/difficult, similar/different, it is to open and operate a business.

All your research/sources should either support or contradict the findings on the index. Just be sure your sources are credible. If you are unsure, please reach out to me and I can help you check. One of your sources will be:
Further, consider that you will need to include some background information for each country. Consider: History (economic, political, or both), influences or contributions made by other countries outside your pair, choices made by political leaders or domestic corporations that may have had some influence, culture, environment, etcetera. Background is crucial to understanding why a country is where it is, and where it is heading in the world of business.

The choices are:
1) U.S. vs. Iran
2) U.S. vs. Russia
3) U.S. vs. India
4) U.S. vs. Chile
5) U.S. vs. Pakistan

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