Topic: Intro To Sociology Response Paper: Savage Inequalities


For response paper #3, you will write a 1000-word (minimum) essay in response to the reading, Savage Inequalities (chapter 1) by Jonathan Kozol (1992).

In your paper, you should cover the following points (the points are numbered, but your paper should not include these numbers or necessarily be broken up according to the points–it should flow as an integrated whole):
1) Describe what initial reactions you had to the reading. Did you experience any emotions? If so, what were they and why do you think you felt that way?
2) Where you aware of the issues the author brings up? If so, how did you become aware? If not, what might have influenced your lack of knowledge about this environment?
3) Identify what you believe were the biggest problems facing the children of this chapter. How did their community and environment influence their educational experience and vice versa?
4) Describe any theories, concepts or studies presented in Chapters 9, 10, 11, 12 and 16 that you think help explain this environment and the negative effects it has on the residents. You must mention something from each chapter in answering this question.
5) Discuss any ideas/solutions you might implement if someone asked you to help “turn around” these types of schools. Where and/or whom would you begin with and why?
***I hope you don’t mind doing a little reading. I have attached the reading: Savage Inequalities (chapter 1) by Jonathan Kozol and a copy of the Professors Response Paper instructions as well. Below, I will also include a link to our online Sociology Textbook in case you would like to use that as a reference.
Thank you! Your help is very much appreciated.

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