Topic: John Gardner’s Grendel


Write a brief (500-700 word) essay in response to the following question:

Is it fair to say that there are monsters in Grendel? If so, who are they and what makes them monstrous? If not, why not?

Support your response with 2-3 quotations drawn from the text. Accurately type in each quote and cite the chapter and page on which it appears (for example, Chapter 3, p. 180). For each quote, explain how it supports your response to the prompt. What does it say that you find particularly interesting? Why/how is it signifcant, surprising, or thought-provoking?
For full credit, your response must:

include 2 or 3 quotations
use those quotations to support a clear, well-organized response to the prompt
total at least 500 words minimum

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