Topic: Marginal Revenue Product for Women’s NCAA basketball players


I need a Master’s Thesis discussing the data team revenue and enrollment data from the Equity in Athletics Data Analysis site. Basic stats on team revenue and discussion of the regression and model. I will provide all articles to refer to, data, literature review and works cited page.
Thesis is looking at the marginal revenue product for Women’s NCAA basketball players. There is research into exploitation of college athletes, however most research focuses on men’s sports. This is to look at women’s basketball and while Jewell (one of the articles) has done some research on this before, that was years ago and times have been changing steadily since. Discussion of athlete compensation is allowed.
Sources/references provided.
Marginal Revenue Product (MRP) has been looked at in two ways in the provided information, any modification or additions can be made.
I have ThesisData and NCAA results are regressions I ran. I have a stata do-file document but I couldn’t upload it.
Analysis of the models should be discussed.
Abstract page needed along with table of contents.

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