Topic: Marketing Technology and Innovation

Order DescriptionThe ‘initial sales creation’ calls Rob, James and Sophie have made seem to be well received. They have valuable feedback now on key pain and customer benefit points, the customers buying process, the barriers that may be in the way and hence the length of the sales cycle and price points that could work.

They have been asked to come back with more information in a number of cases and now are seeing these as real ‘leads’. They are starting to think they have a product concept that is right for certain market segments.

James and Sophie are discussing the potential marketing activities that may be best to create interest and leads for their emerging product offering in their market segments. Rob will join them as soon as he can as he is held up in traffic. Their Mentor has asked them to phone him once they have a plan.

There was quite a list of possible things they could do. They decided they needed to go back over some of the comments made during the Discovery and Validation interviews. That may provide clues as to the marketing activities that may be most relevant to their target customer segment. They recalled some discussion about ‘industry events’, such as trade shows, and the merit of being involved and becoming visible to the businesses in that industry.

Rob joined the discussion and thought they needed to tackle the range of activities with their available funding in mind first and foremost. ‘No point going to a trade show if it uses up all our cash and we hit the zero months to bankruptcy wall,’ he said. ‘We should be looking at cost effective ways to get our messages across to they decision makers in our target market segments’.

So, what to do to get the best result for their precious time and dollars?

They called their mentor and outlined their dilemma. He suggested they talk to you to provide some insight and guidance.

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